Hitter Profile Model # Barrel Handle Knob Sweet Spot Balance
Power 243L L M Standard L Slightly End Loaded
This is a favorite model by many minor league and amateur ball players. The durability and pop fit almost every swing type.
Power 243 XL Thin Standard
This is truly your old school power hitter go to model. This is a great model for experienced hitters that have been swinging wood for a few years.
Balanced 271L L M Slightly Flared L Balanced
This is imilare to the traditional 271 with a bit more sweet spot for some additional pop.
Contact 271 M M M-Flare M Balanced
This is a very balanced bat, similar to many aluminum bat styles. This is great for contact hitters and guys transitioning to learn to hit with wood.
Balanced PS271 L M Slightly Flared L Balanced
For guys that like the traditional 271 but are looking for a larger sweet spot this barrel will provide a bit more sweet spot without sacrificing balance.
Power 73 XL M Large Bell Flared Knob L Balanced
Balanced feel provdies a solid mix of pop and control.
Power 74 XL M M-Flared L Balance
This is a hybrid between a 73 and other models with the M-Flared knob. Great for balance, control, pop…basically, this is the bat for all players, for all seasons!
Balanced 318 Medium Medium Standard L Slightly End Loaded
The profile of this bat is perfect for players transitioning from aluminum to wood with a little extra pop in the slightly end loaded model, this is a solid choice for young hitters.
Balanced KB17 L M Standard L Slightly End Loaded
This model is a favorite of many players with plenty of pop to hit to all fields and even with a slightly end loaded feel there is a great balance to this bat.
Power MT27 L Thin Standard L Slightly End Loaded
Great Balance built for pop, thin handle makes this model a preference of experienced hitters who have been swinging wood consistently.
Power AP5 M-L M M-Flare
The AP5 is a classic for power hitters. This model provides plenty of pop without sacrificing much bat control.
Balanced 110 L Thick Slightly Flared to Standard L Balanced
Classic model that has been popular for all levels of hitters. Great durability and well balanced with solid pop.
Power 222 L Thin Standard L Slightly End Loaded
This model is built for power! Ask us about how this model got its name.
Power MD99 L Thin L-Flare L Slightly End Loaded
Similar to a power hitters favorite 73 model, with a longer sweet spot and a slightly trimmed model from the 73 extremes.
Balanced PS141 L M Standard L Balanced
Modified from the PS271 with the adjustment from a flared to a standard knob.
Power 174G XL Thin Slightly Flared L End Loaded
This is a favorite among experienced hitters. The XL barrel and thin handle enables hitters to get that whip feeling. Thin handles are not recommended for hitters that haven't had much experience with wood bats.
Balanced C22 L Thick M-Flare L Balanced
Thick tapered handle and large barrel provided control and pop. This has the type of balance for all types of hitters.
Contact 280 M M L-Bell Flared M Balanced
This bat was built for control and experienced hitters with a smooth balanced swing.
Contact 318 M M Standard L Slightly End Loaded
This bat has a contoured profile with a slightly end loaded feel. This may feel like a bit more aggressive 271 for hitters that like the 271 but want a bit more big barrel feel.
Power JH9 L Thin M-Flare L End Loaded
Old school 243 barrel with the flared 271 knob. This is a bat for strong hitters that can control the big barrel.
Balanced 110B L Thick Coned Flare (no knob) L Balanced
This is identical to the 110 but the cone knob is GREAT for hitters that like to choke up on occasion and this model was build to help protect players from hamate bone injuries. The tapered grip works well with a good GRIP.
Power G27 L M Coned Flare (no knob) L End Loaded
Power hitters with hamate bone issues…this is your bat!
Balanced 142 M Thin M-Flare M Balanced
This is a 141 + a flared knob for those who prefer that for some extra feel/control.
Power 143 M Thin Large Bell Knob M Balanced
141 + a large bell knob provides a strong counter balance for the medium sized barrel, great for the contact hitter that likes to feel in control through the entire swing.
Power 141 M Thin Standard M Balanced
Popular model with a great balance providing pop and control.
Balanced 175G M Thin S-Flare M Slightly End Loaded
This is great for lead-off type hitters looking for a little extra pop, great stick to slap the ball hard to all fields.
Balanced CU26 M M S-Flare M Balanced
This is an extremely popular model and has the pop for gap hitters and an even feel for a great balance between power and control.
Contact 159 S Thin Standard M Connect
This is a compact bat for those hitters looking for bat speed and control.
Balanced 161 L Thick Standard L Balanced
Old school model with big barrel and handle…this is the big stick.
Balanced 421 M Thin Standard M Balanced
For those that have swung 421s in the past and loved them, you know where to find em now!
Power CB15 L Thick Standard L End Loaded
This is a fav among power hitters, you know what you are looking for!
Power CD61 XL Thin M-Flared L Heavy End Load
This is the power hitters, power club. This is for guys that know exactly what they are looking for with their wood model and have the experience of hitting with wood.
Contact P72/DJ2 M Thin Standard M Balanced
Old school, pure contact hitter model built for balance.